Simply Conserve Air Purifier Replacement Filter

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Simply Conserve’s air purifier replacement filter is designed to be used with the Simply Conserve 1000 series air purifier. It consists of a 3-stage composite filter that removes 99.97% of contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size including viruses, bacteria, toxins, pollen, dust, and smoke.


This Filter:

Has a 3-stage composite filter

  • Pre-Filter captures large floating particles
  • True HEPA H13 filter traps microscopic contaminants
  • Super absorbent carbon filter eliminates airborne toxins and odors including smoke, fumes, VOCs, cooking, and pet smell

Offers a high-quality cleaning capacity

  • 116 ft3/min smoke Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
  • 147 ft3/min dust CADR
  • 164 ft3/min pollen CADR
  • 131 ft3/min PM2.5 CADR


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